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My name is Adriana

And I think I have to tell you the story of my brand. Once upon in Paris, I was doing fashion show, that was my first time. Summer sunny day, flowers everywhere and you know, it’s always something in the air in Paris, I think you can feel it when you dreamer like me. Honestly speaking shoes killed my fits because it wasn’t something sport like nikes or yeeezy nothing comfortable like that. And I wanted to be elegant , this place deserve to have well-dressed guests. I wanna walk , dance and look great ! it’s capital of fashion.

I remember I got summer boots and black midi dress! I felt very harmonious and refine. Learned some French words : like Manific! That was very famous brand, very cool but heels was a bit too high for dancing all night long, wished to remove them by the end. And since that night I was thinking: oh if i created these boots I would make slightly different and the vet in sole would be soft or softer and my feet would not be so tired maybe he’ll 1 cm or less but could not imagine it could happen for real ever. I had no idea how much money I need, I did not have any contact or any idea about where and how . But since that moment same like with Eiffel Tower I started to move that way and I was collecting all info, contacts, slowly getting closer and closer. That sunny day I found myself and it’s the most precious thing after other values like family and love.

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